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Evaluating commercial AI products

Aival software can be used for rapid evaluation of commercial AI products in radiology and pathology to systematically compare product specifications and interfaces, or for larger-scale performance analysis on local population data


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Initial product comparison

Use manufacturer specifications / publications and sample testing data to explore and systematically compare AI solutions

Compare product outputs

Head-to-head visualisation of outputs of selected products on sample data

Healthcare AI evaluation
Healthcare AI evaluation

Systematically review evidence

Aival's assesment checklist integrates published guidelines into the NICE ESF, enabling structured evidence evaluation

Local performance analysis

With access to cohorts of population data and product results, rapidly and thoroughly test chosen AI products in terms of performance, fairness, explainability and robustness, to determine the products that offer greatest clinical benefit to your population

Does the AI work?

Validate manufacturer performance claims on local data, local operators and local acquisition methods

Healthcare AI evaluation
Healthcare AI evaluation

Is the AI fair?

Is there parity in performance across all demographics and populations?

Can the AI be explained?

Can model predictions be explained by a user, and is the model making the right decisions for the right reasons

Healthcare AI evaluation

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